Evaluation and Re-evaluations

Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation (60 min) and Re-evaluations (30 min) are 1-on-1 and may cover any of the following when appropriate:

  • Functional assessment questionnaire(s)
  • Medical history, injuries/pain
  • Current diet and exercise/lifestyle
  • Current sleep patterns
  • Client’s fitness goals
  • Client’s health goals (ex: reduce/eliminate medications, decreased resting heart rate, prevent diabetes)


  • Physical exam (strength, range of motion, flexibility, sensation, palpation, balance, special tests for injured sites)
  • Biometric measurements (resting heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight, body fat)
  • Physical condition tests (push up test, plank test, wall squat test, sit up test, work release requirement testing)
  • Endurance tests (one of the following: 1 mile test, graduated incline test, 10 minute stationary bike test)


  • Provide physical therapy diagnosis if applicable
  • Identify functional limitations
  • Identify barriers to success and find solutions


  • Discuss treatment options
  • Set short term and long term goals
  • Set up a home exercise program and plan for week one
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